Who Makes Acura Cars?


Who Makes Acura Cars

Are you searching for a luxury vehicle that combines cutting-edge technology, sleek design, and uncompromising performance? Look no further than Acura, the premium brand that has captivated drivers worldwide with its exceptional craftsmanship and innovative spirit.

But have you ever wondered, “Who makes Acura cars?” Let’s delve into the fascinating history and origins of this esteemed automaker.

Who Owns Acura?

Acura is the luxury vehicle division of the Japanese automotive giant, Honda Motor Company. Established in 1986, Acura was Honda’s strategic move to compete with established European and American luxury brands in the North American market.

By leveraging Honda’s engineering prowess and reputation for reliability, Acura aimed to offer a premium driving experience tailored specifically for discerning buyers in the United States, Canada, and beyond.

Where are Acura Vehicles Made?

Where are Acura Vehicles Made

While Acura’s parent company, Honda, is headquartered in Japan, many Acura models are proudly manufactured in the United States and other countries, showcasing the brand’s global reach and commitment to quality.

Here are some of the major production facilities for Acura vehicles:

  • Marysville, Ohio: Home to the Acura TLX and ILX sedans, as well as the RDX crossover SUV.
  • East Liberty, Ohio: Production site for the Acura MDX, a luxurious three-row SUV.
  • Anna, Ohio: Engine plant supplying engines for various Acura models.
  • Russells Point, Ohio: Transmission plant supporting Acura’s lineup.
  • Alliston, Ontario, Canada: Manufactures the Acura MDX, along with other Honda models.

Acura’s global manufacturing footprint ensures that its vehicles adhere to the highest standards of quality and precision engineering, regardless of where they are produced.

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Unraveling the Mystery: Who Makes Acura Cars?

Acura: A Honda Legacy

Acura’s roots can be traced back to its parent company, Honda, a brand renowned for its unwavering commitment to innovation, reliability, and exceptional engineering.

Just as Honda has pioneered groundbreaking technologies in the automotive industry, Acura has carried forward that legacy, introducing cutting-edge features and pushing the boundaries of luxury vehicle design.

Think of Acura as the embodiment of Honda’s pursuit of perfection, combined with a refined touch of sophistication and elegance. It’s a harmonious blend of Honda’s engineering prowess and Acura’s distinct sense of style, catering to drivers who demand the ultimate in performance, comfort, and prestige.

Acura’s Heart Beats in America

While Acura’s roots may be Japanese, its heart truly beats in America. The brand has established a significant manufacturing presence in the United States, particularly in the state of Ohio.

Facilities like the Marysville Auto Plant, East Liberty Auto Plant, and Anna Engine Plant are testament to Acura’s deep commitment to the American market and its local communities.

These state-of-the-art production facilities not only contribute to the local economy but also serve as hubs of innovation, where skilled workers meticulously craft each Acura vehicle with precision and pride.

“Acura’s success in the U.S. market is a testament to the brand’s ability to blend Japanese engineering excellence with American style and sensibilities.” – Automotive Industry Analyst

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Experience Acura with Acura by Executive

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Frequently Ask Question

Is Acura still owned by Honda?

Yes, Acura is still owned by Honda. Honda launched Acura as its luxury vehicle division in 1986 and continues to oversee its operations.

Is Acura American or Japanese?

Acura is a Japanese automotive brand owned by Honda. While many Acura vehicles are manufactured in North America, the brand itself is Japanese.

Are Toyota and Acura the same company?

No, Toyota and Acura are not the same company. Acura is the luxury division of Honda, while Toyota has its own luxury division called Lexus.

Which is better Acura or Honda?

The choice between Acura and Honda depends on individual preferences and needs. Acura offers more upscale features and designs compared to Honda, but both brands are known for reliability and performance.

Is Lexus better than Acura?

The superiority between Lexus and Acura varies based on personal preferences. Lexus is often associated with a more luxurious and refined driving experience, while Acura may offer better performance and value for some buyers.

Is Acura made by Honda?

Yes, Acura is made by Honda. Honda is the parent company of Acura and manufactures Acura vehicles under its umbrella of automotive brands.


In the world of luxury automobiles, Acura stands out as a shining example of innovation, performance, and uncompromising quality. Born from the storied lineage of Honda, Acura has carved its own path, captivating drivers with its unique blend of Japanese engineering excellence and American style.

From its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the United States to its diverse lineup of vehicles that cater to every driving enthusiast, Acura continues to push the boundaries of what a luxury brand can offer.

So, if you’re asking, “Who makes Acura cars?” the answer is a dedicated team of visionaries and craftsmen who pour their passion into every vehicle that bears the Acura emblem. Experience the thrill of driving an Acura today by visiting Acura by Executive and embarking on a journey of pure automotive luxury.

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